A global design studio focused on partnering with pundits of the future and shaping products that can offer exceptional user experience.


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A global design studio focused on partnering with pundits of the WEB3 world and shaping products that can offer exceptional user experience.

How we designed, Six Sigma Sports, an online sports betting platform for millions of users around the world.

UI UX Design

Product Design


There is a thin line between gambling and ‘gambling responsibly’.

UX Design


Decentralised Multichain DEX: Design nuances of a trading platform

There is a thin line between gambling and ‘gambling responsibly’.


Product Design

Quit Collective: Funding Corporate Quitters via NFT sales



CryptCreed: Buy and sell traditional NFTs


Product Design

CentralEx: Simplifying crypto for everyone


UX Design

"Having worked with many UX designers over the years, I was impressed by the team’s ability to quickly grasp the fundamentals of our complex business domain. Their value goes beyond just providing beautiful visual designs, their feedback has also helped us to improve the quality and completeness of our functional requirements."

- Deepak Badoni, CEO, EigenRisk Inc., USA​

Read about our studies on latest trends and best practices on web3 and design. There’s something for everyone in these articles.

Does Professional Website Design Help Your Company ?

How to structure your Web3 landing page? And why it is so important

From inception
to launch


Heuristic Analysis

Use rules, estimates and educated guesses to find usability problems.

Usability Testing

Evaluate a product by testing it with representative users.

Design Audit

Ensure your product meets accessibility and design unity requirements.

User research & Analysis

Learning about customer's needs and thought processes.


Interaction Design

Improve your customer's interactive experience with your product.

UI Design & UX Design

Interfaces that focus on maximising usability and user experience.

Digital Prototyping

Test assumptions and virtually explore a product before it's built.

Branding & Illustrations

Strong, positive perception of your company in the customer's mind.


Front-End Development

Pixel perfect websites using web programming languages.

Mobile Applications

Blazing fast Android and iOS apps that win customer's hearts.

SAAS Implementation

Experiences that are usable on any browser and on any device.

Web Applications

Expertise in Complex and huge business Web apps.

Web3 entails barrier to entry, we are here to lower it!

Array of work that we have done

Liquidity Pools

ICO and Crowd Funding

Cryptocurrency Markets

Mint & Redeem Stable coins

DApp (Decentralized Apps)

Automated Market Makers (AMMs)

Fiat Services

Atomic Swap

Full Node Wallets

Bounty and Airdrops

Multi-currency wallets

Interchain communication (IBC)


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Yes. We’re based in Goa, India and have clients in the US, UK, Singapore, India, and more.
We primarily work with technology driven companies – from startups to Fortune 500.

Most of our projects range from $10K to $8K (per month). Our minimum level of engagement is $6000/month.

Most of our projects take between 2 weeks to 2 months.

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